Surge Protection

Electrical transients have the ability to start fires and damage equipment in your facility. A transient is a temporary excess of voltage and/or current in an electrical circuit. Transients are short duration events, typically lasting only a few thousandths of a second.

External transients are:

  • Lightning:
    • Strikes the United States 90 million times per year
    • Causes 56 Billion dollars in property damage annually
    • Responsible for over 30,000 building fires annually
    • Causes 30% of all power outages
  • Utility Grid:
    • Fluctuating Demand
    • Utility Grid Switching
    • Power Line Failure
      - Falling Trees
      - Ice
      - Auto Accidents

Internal Transients:

  • Starting and stopping of elevators, motors, heating and air conditioning equipment and manufacturing equipment.


80 percent of all transients are generated internally.

The best protection from both external and internal transients is the installation of a surge protection program. TEGG Corporation’s Mission CriticalGard Zone Defense System is your best protection.