Cadet Gym - Phase 7 - USAFA

Cadet Gym Phase 7

United States Air Force Academy, CO 

Faith is performing as Prime Contractor for the final phase of a series of projects to renovate and update the Cadet Gymnasium at the USAFA, in Colorado Springs, CO. Current contract funding stands at $15M. 

The Phase 7 project work areas include areas on Levels B, A, Ground Level and Mezzanine Level:
  • Renovate Raqueteball Courts (Finishes and Lighting)
  • Structural floors to 3 of the courts
  • Provide Storage Spaces for the athletic department on levels B and A.


East Gym Renovations:

  • Provide competition level volleyball venue with the following additions:
  •      Retractable Seating
  •      Basketball backstops
  •      Wood Flooring
  •      Spaces for athletic equipment storage
  •      A new pressbox
  •      New exterior exit
  • Complete LED lighting upgrade throughout gym


Tennis Gym:

  • Existing Lighting completely replaced with more energy efficient lighting.


Mezzanine Level:


  • Offices and restrooms on south side demolished and reconfigured for more efficient use of space
  • Restrooms replaced and enlarged.
  • Mechanical,plumbing,fire suppression,electrical,lighting,public address,communication and fire alarm systems to be provided in these reconfigured spaces.


Additional Project Elements:

  • Replace existing curtain wall.
  • Replace exterior marble panels with Aluminum and Glass. 
  • All design elements, both architecturally and interior design elements to complement materials and colors used in previous phases of the project.


This Phase of the project includes:

Asbestos Abatement
Piping and Plumbing