Surge Protection

Electrical transients have the ability to start fires and damage equipment in your facility. A transient is a temporary excess of voltage and/or current in an electrical circuit. Transients are short duration events, typically lasting only a few thousandths of a second.

External transients are:

  • Lightning:
    • Strikes the United States 90 million times per year
    • Causes 56 Billion dollars in property damage annually
    • Responsible for over 30,000 building fires annually
    • Causes 30% of all power outages
  • Utility Grid:
    • Fluctuating Demand
    • Utility Grid Switching
    • Power Line Failure
      - Falling Trees
      - Ice
      - Auto Accidents

Internal Transients:

  • Starting and stopping of elevators, motors, heating and air conditioning equipment and manufacturing equipment.


80 percent of all transients are generated internally.